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Membership Terms and Conditions

Membership Terms

I acknowledge and agree that I will maintain a month-to-month, recurring membership and pay the tuition for the option(s) specified above for a minimum term of 4 weeks. I agree that this Membership Agreement shall automatically renew after 4 weeks, for an equal term of 4 weeks, unless and until a written cancellation notice by mail or email is received by Treaty Grappling by the 20th day of the previous period to the automatic renewal date. I acknowledge that I am responsible for all charges billed or incurred prior to cancellation of this membership. I agree that changes in membership options must be submitted in writing by mail or email by the 20th day of the period prior to the automatic renewal date.

I further acknowledge and agree that if I or the recipient of Treaty Grappling services that I am paying for (“the recipient”) does not attend regularly scheduled classes at any point during my membership period, I am not entitled to a billing credit, refund, and/or proration on my past, current, or future membership payment period/term. Exceptions may be made only if approved by Treaty Grappling. This credit, refund, and/or proration is not an entitlement, and only in cases of physical injury shall an exception even be considered.

Waiver Terms & Conditions

I understand that participation in martial arts, and other classes at Treaty Grappling poses a possible inherent risk of injury (minimal to severe, including death). I hereby assume all risks associated with participation in martial arts programs at Treaty Grappling and agree to hold Treaty Grappling, its members, instructors, assistant instructors, and employees harmless from any and all liability that may arise in connection with my participation or my child’s participation in the programs.

By becoming a customer of Treaty Grappling I certify that I/my child/my ward are in good health and have/has no physical limitations that would preclude participation in martial arts activities.

I certify that I/my child has health, accident and liability insurance to cover any bodily injury or property damage that may be caused or suffered while participating in martial arts training, or else I agree to bear the costs of such injury or damage to me/my child. I further certify that I am willing to assume the risk of any medical or physical condition I/my child may have or am willing to assume and bear the costs if all risks that may be created, directly or indirectly, by any such condition.

Further, I hereby voluntarily release and forever discharge and agree to hold harmless and indemnify Treaty Grappling and its members, instructors, assistant instructors, employees, students, successors, lessors, insurers, and representatives from any and all liability, claims, demands, causes of action or rights of action for injury or damage resulting from my participation or my minor child’s or ward’s participation in Treaty Grappling’s martial arts programs. This wavier is binding on my assigns, successors, heirs, spouse, parents, administrators, guardians, insurers and legal representatives.

This waiver of liability is the entire, complete, sole, and only understanding and agreement by and between the undersigned and Treaty Grappling pertaining to the above discussed matters.

Photo Release

I hereby grant Treaty Grappling permission to use my or my child’s likeness in a photograph, photographs or video recordings in any and all of its publications, including website entries and promotional materials, without payment or any other consideration.  Additionally, I waive any right to royalties or other compensation arising or related to the use of the photograph, photographs or video recordings.  I understand and agree that these materials will become the property of Treaty Grappling.

Beginners Course Registration

Beginners Course Registration

Enter your details below, to reserve your place on our next beginners course. A member of our team will be in touch shortly to confirm, and answer any questions you may have. We looking forward to seeing you at Treaty Grappling!